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Jazz by 5 - Die Band



  "Jazz by 5", are Ulrike Trost (soprano), Cornelia Gust (alto), Reiner Kühl (tenor), Thomas Mäling (baritone) and Rainer Deußen (bass). This ensemble has dedicated itself to a capella music and has changed members since 1990.

The current formation which has been existing since 1995 has a very comprehensive repertoire. Songs vary from early a capella singing ("Yes Sir", barber shop) to modern pop songs ("Man in the Mirror"). In addition to jazz and swing standards, there are also songs by the Comedian Harmonists.

Many songs are arranged by Reiner Kühl who also conducts the ensemble.

"Jazz by 5" do concerts that fill a whole evening, but also small concerts for individual occasions like private parties, vernissages, openings or other festivities.

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