THOMAS MÄLING: graduate in "How do I become rich?" in Cologne, Singing: first screaming and breathing exercises in the children's ward in Düsseldorf, kindergarten singers "Die wilden 20" in Düsseldorf, school choir Thusneldastraße in Cologne, various church choirs, jazz ensemble "Das Chörchen" in Cologne, "Jazz by 5" in Cologne/Düsseldorf, singing lessons from: Al Jarreau, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Phil Collins, Jose Carreras and Richard Tauber Tauber without them ever knowing anything about it, i.e. at home. After intensive studying of clarina, glockenspiel,  
  recorder, piano he did various concert tours with the youth orchestra conducted by Prof. Gerold Kürten, Cologne (instruments: treble and tenor recorder and percussion).  
  Thomas was raised in Düsseldorf and Cologne / likes (nearly) every live performance / likes to eat fish and seafood in many variations / his favourite musician is "Bach" / he often fancies a bottle of Chateau Petrus 1961, loves his family and - if he does not cook, he likes sports, photography and making music