RAINER DEUSSEN: graduated in physics at the Heinrich-Heine- Universität, of Düsseldorf and the Universitá di Padova,Padova, was a member of the Parents-Teacher-Pupil choir of the Gymnasium Odenkirchen, , founder of the jazz choir "Jazzline" at the Zakk (cultural institution of the city of Düsseldorf). Concerts with the Düsseldorf Chamber Choir. Founder of "Jazz by 4". Singing lessons from Gisela Löchte (Robert-Schumann-Hochschule, Düsseldorf). Lessons in jazz guitar (teacher: Theo Hermsen) at the Musikschule Mönchengladbach and in  
  flamenco guitar (teacher: Peter "Pedro" Longerich). Member of the Jazz & Rock ensemble (participant of the youth jazz competition). ESAG Theatre at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität. Concerts with the following bands: "Galerie" (jazz-rock), "Shake the Sheik" (cover band), "Don´t monk, be Harry" (fusion) and "Önswie Erskine" (hip-hop-punk-jazz), jazz duos with Marco (git, Padova), Christoph Broens (ts, Zurich), Friedemann Knapp (p, Schwetzingen), Anju Dutta-Roy (voc, Düsseldorf) and "Tinas Tophits" with Tina Stoebe (ts, Düsseldorf).  
  Rainer was born in Mönchengladbach / likes to listen to jazz, classical and salsa music / his favourite dish is all kinds of pasta / admires Miles Davis and Prince / loves the cinema / likes to cook over the weekend, if possible sophisticated menus / fancies Italy and when he sings the walking bass he goes dm…dmm…dmmm!